One of the key reason for this increasing disparity is that despite the talent, the majority of prospective entrepreneurs here are unable to find that proper mix of skill sets in their team which is the most important factor for determining success and failure of any startups. While there are people who might have a billion dollar business idea, but lack technical awareness on how to implement it. Then there are technical experts who might be having excellent design and technical skills but lack business acumen.

This problem is not limited to just individuals, but also visible at the institutional level. So many public and private incubators and mentoring platform have risen to promote entrepreneurship in this region. But they are unable to find right kind of candidates to incubate.


To bridge this gap we have come up with a tailor-made concept of Hackathon De Corps (HDC) which has been customized to meet the local requirements at the grassroot level. HDC will be conducting a series of customized, hands-on workshops and boot camps in this geographical region for the next 6 months across various places, culminating into two grand finales in the month of November. Unlike the existing formats, which are mostly suited for computer science graduates, HDC will be helping especially the non-IT folks, to master the basics of various technologies and actually make a working prototype of their business idea during the event itself.

Participants will also learn non-IT skills like basics of handling of financial numbers and cash flow management for startups, market research, marketing, legal and human resources related nuances. They will also learn and get first hands experience on cutting edge technologies like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, BitCoins, Block Chains, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Drones etc by focused talks ( live or prerecorded) and demos on this area from experts around the globe etc. Furthermore HDC will also serve as a collaborative platform, which will help the local entrepreneurs find the right kind of team members with required skill sets.