Ranchi Hackathon

Mahendra Singh Dhoni made Ranchi recognize on the world frame, now it is the time for budding entrepreneurs to add next feathers to its cap and glorify the “City of Waterfalls & Lakes”. Startup culture is growing rapidly in India with Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai topping the charts. Eastern States like Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam have also got immense potential and just need a fair chance to prove their mettle. However, the startup scene in the eastern zone is less vibrant and dynamic in comparison to the southern states leading to slower progress and talent migration.
“Hackathon De Corps” is an intensive collaboration for programmers, developers and entrepreneurs to come together under a common roof to work on innovative ideas and build projects of social impact. The event aims at providing ample learning opportunities for the youth and better preparing them for facing the technological advancements of the real world.

  1. The torch bearer of the show will be Ms. Malavika Sharma -founder of Avika Online. A social entrepreneur at heart she will be talking about the gender-related threats, harassment and intimidation women experience on internet which has a direct impact on their safety and future online activities.
  2.  The next speaker onboard will be the renowned Cyber Security Professional, Lt. Vineet Kumar – Founder, Cyber Peace Foundation. Kumar in his talk will enlighten the participants to safeguard themselves in the fast changing digital landscape. He will also be discussing about the cybercrimes, attacks that have hit our very own state- Jharkhand and suggest possible solutions to combat against it.
  3. The value addition to the event will be done by the eminent speaker Capt. Sarvesh Gupta whose motivational words will help the entrepreneurs in achieving success.

Workshops- Cherry On the Cake

We will be offering workshops that would teach participants technical and leadership skills for personal and business use. In these highly focused sessions, participants will get a chance to work closely with our experts to gain hands-on practice using our tools and methodologies


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What How and Why – Hackathon De Corps

In continuance with the spirit of Start-up India, Stand Up India, Eastern India is about to witness a paradigm shift in nurturing the spark of entrepreneurship among the community, with a special focus on youths and women. There is no lack of entrepreneurial talent in states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam and other eastern states.

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