What How and Why – Hackathon De Corps

In continuance with the spirit of Start-up India, Stand Up India, Eastern India is about to witness a paradigm shift in nurturing the spark of entrepreneurship among the community, with a special focus on youths and women. There is no lack of entrepreneurial talent in states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam and other eastern states.

Various Public and Private instutions too are trying to eoncourage startups in this region. However there is still a lack of vibrant startup culture in these areas when compared to the startup ecosystem in southers or western parts of India, which leads to migration of local talent from here to those greener pastures. It has also been observed that existing startup promotional events like seminars , business plan competitions and hackathons etc , which are successful in other places are unable to yield the desired results in this area, at the required pace.

We have noticed that only a very small section of the potential entrepnreuship community is able to take full advantgae of such events and a majority of it remains marginalised , which further increases the divide. In this proposal we present an innovative, custom made solution to solve this issue , in the form of Hackathon De Corps . This solution consists of a series of 7 events, spread across 5 cities, in 3 eastern states and 6 months. Apart from organization of 2 international quality hackathon on various social issues, it also includes in rigorous grooming of local talent with hands on workshops from IT skills to financial modeling, so that they can compete with other national level participants.

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